Kerala Hill Stations: Top 10 Refreshing Summer Getaways

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Have you ever wondered where you can find a slice of paradise amidst misty mountains and lush green landscapes with picturesque views and scenic beauty? Look no further, as we have the answer for you. There is an ideal place that offers stunning hill stations. Look no further than Kerala’s hill stations. Nestled in the stunning landscape of the majestic Western Ghats, Munnar and many hill stations offer scenic beauty like no other. These breathtaking destinations provide an escape with their mesmerizing views. (37 words)

Imagine yourself surrounded by cool mountain air in Munnar, with cascading waterfalls providing a soothing soundtrack to your holiday experience in one of the top tourist destinations. Kerala’s hill stations, such as Munnar and Athirapally, are a haven for nature lovers, offering fresh mountain air and unparalleled natural beauty that will leave you spellbound. (33 words)

But it’s not just about the scenic views; Kerala’s hill stations like Munnar are also home to a rich biodiversity and sprawling tea plantations that make them a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and tea connoisseurs alike. The mountains and forests of these destinations offer breathtaking beauty and abundant wildlife. Whether you seek thrilling adventures or peaceful solitude, these hill stations in Munnar have something for everyone. Explore the majestic mountains and breathtaking landscapes of these popular destinations on your next trip. (41 words)

So pack your bags and get ready for a memorable trip to Munnar, Kerala’s hill station, on your holiday. Visit and immerse yourself in the serene charm of this beautiful destination. Embark on an unforgettable munnar trip and let the allure of mist-clad mountains and verdant landscapes captivate your senses. Visit this scenic destination for a holiday into nature’s embrace. Discover the hidden gems of Munnar district, and visit enchanting places in this beautiful region of South India. (47 words)

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Top 20 Hill Stations in Kerala

Munnar: Where Tea Gardens and Rolling Hills Unite

Munnar, located in Kerala, is undoubtedly one of the most famous places to visit for a holiday. It is renowned for its breathtaking hill station, which is just a few km away from the city center. As you visit Munnar, a picturesque town in Kerala, you’ll be greeted by vast tea gardens that stretch as far as the eye can see. The town is easily accessible from the railway station and offers many places to explore. The lush greenery and neatly manicured tea bushes in Munnar create a mesmerizing sight that will leave you in awe during your visit. It is one of the best places to go for a holiday.

But it’s not just the tea gardens that make Munnar special. The railway station, places to visit, and the image of Munnar all contribute to its uniqueness. This hill station is a must-visit for those looking to explore stunning places. It offers breathtaking panoramic views of rolling hills covered in mist, creating a picturesque image. Whether arriving by car or at the nearby airport, this destination promises an unforgettable experience. As you stand at one of the many viewpoints scattered across Munnar, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility wash over you. The breathtaking view of the railway station adds to the charm of this place. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to capture stunning images of Munnar’s scenic beauty. The cool breeze caresses your face as you visit places and your eyes feast on the undulating landscape painted with shades of green. The image of the airport is imprinted in your mind.

Wayanad: Nature’s Haven with Wildlife Sanctuaries and Ancient Caves

Nestled amidst the Western Ghats, Wayanad is a paradise for nature lovers. It offers breathtaking places to visit, such as the railway station and airport. This hill station is one of the best places to visit, with its picturesque landscapes that seem straight out of a postcard. It is conveniently located near the airport, just a few km away. From cascading waterfalls to sprawling spice plantations, Wayanad is one of the best places to visit in Kerala. Whether you arrive by railway station or airport, this beautiful destination will captivate you with its natural beauty and charm.

One of the highlights of Wayanad is its wildlife sanctuaries, making it a great place to visit. Additionally, Wayanad is easily accessible with a nearby railway station and airport. Embark on an adventurous safari through these sanctuaries and visit the places where you can get up close with elephants, deer, and other exotic animals. Whether you arrive by airport or railway station, make sure to explore these incredible wildlife destinations. If history fascinates you, visit the ancient caves that dot this region. These places are located just a few meters away from the railway station. These caves are fascinating places to visit and are located just a few kilometers from the railway station. They provide a unique glimpse into the lives of our ancestors and are known for their captivating rock formations.

Vagamon: A Hidden Gem Waiting to Be Discovered

Tucked away in Idukki district lies Vagamon, one of the best places to visit in Kerala. This hidden gem among Kerala’s hill stations is located just a few kilometers away from the nearest airport. This offbeat destination is perfect for those seeking solitude amidst nature’s bounty. With its serene surroundings and picturesque landscapes, it is a must-visit place for travelers. The nearest railway station and airport make it easily accessible for tourists. Vagamon, located just a few kilometers away from the airport, captivates visitors with its vast meadows where time seems to stand still. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

As you visit Vagamon, the fresh scent of pine in the air will transport you to a serene world, away from the chaos of the city. Wander through the pine forests, located just a few kilometers from the airport. The stunning viewpoints in Vagamon offer panoramic vistas that will leave you spellbound. When you visit Vagamon, make sure to check out these stunning viewpoints that are just a few kilometers away from the airport. Whether it’s watching a breathtaking sunrise or witnessing a sea of clouds below your feet, Vagamon never fails to mesmerize. It is the perfect destination for those looking to visit and explore its stunning natural beauty. Additionally, Vagamon is easily accessible by airport, making it a convenient choice for travelers.

Malayattur: Christian Pilgrimage in the Hills

A Renowned Christian Pilgrimage Center

Malayattur Church, located in the hill stations of Kerala, is a must-visit for those looking to explore the rich religious heritage of the region. Whether you are arriving by plane or car, make sure to include this iconic church on your itinerary. This revered Christian pilgrimage center is located near an airport and is dedicated to St. Thomas the Apostle, who is believed to have visited this region during his missionary journey to India. The church holds immense significance for Christians, attracting devotees from all over the world who visit to experience its spiritual and religious importance. Additionally, the church is conveniently located near the airport, making it easily accessible for travelers.

Annual Feast at Malayattur Church

One of the highlights of Malayattur Church is its annual feast, which draws thousands of devotees each year. The church is conveniently located near the airport, making it easily accessible for visitors from far and wide. This grand celebration takes place on the first Sunday after Easter and lasts for eight days. During this time, pilgrims flock to the church to seek blessings and participate in various religious rituals.

The festive atmosphere is electrifying, with vibrant processions, melodious hymns, and captivating sermons filling the air. Devotees light candles and offer prayers at St. Thomas’ tomb inside the church. It is a sight to behold as people come together in faith, transcending barriers of language and culture.

Scenic Surroundings atop a Hillock

Nestled amidst breathtaking surroundings on top of a hillock near Periyar River, Malayattur Church offers more than just spiritual solace. The beauty of nature enhances the spiritual experience for visitors who make their way up through lush hills adorned with verdant foliage.

For those seeking adventure amidst spirituality, Malayattur offers ample opportunities for trekking and exploration. The picturesque landscapes serve as an ideal backdrop for trekkers looking to connect with nature while embarking on thrilling trails that wind through hills and valleys.

Beyond Religion: Sufi Saint Peer Mohammed

While Malayattur Church predominantly caters to Christians, it also holds historical importance for followers of Sufism. Legend has it that Sufi saint Peer Mohammed once resided near Malayattur Church, leaving behind a spiritual legacy that continues to inspire people from diverse backgrounds.

The presence of the Sufi saint adds another layer of cultural and religious significance to this already remarkable pilgrimage site. It exemplifies the harmonious coexistence of different faiths in Kerala’s hill stations, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and tolerance.

Adventurous Pursuits for Thrill Seekers

Malayattur offers more than just spiritual and cultural experiences.

Idukki: Beauty and Attractions of Idukki Hill Station

Idukki Dam: A Marvelous Sight to Behold

The Idukki Dam is an absolute must-visit. This magnificent structure stands tall as one of the largest arch dams in Asia, offering visitors a mesmerizing sight of the vast reservoirs that surround it. As you approach the dam, you’ll be captivated by its sheer size and grandeur. The calm waters glisten under the sun, creating a serene ambiance that instantly relaxes your mind and rejuvenates your soul.

The Idukki Dam not only serves as a major source of hydroelectric power but also doubles up as a popular tourist attraction. Its strategic location amidst lush greenery adds to its charm, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike. As you explore this engineering marvel, take a moment to absorb the tranquil surroundings and appreciate how human ingenuity can coexist harmoniously with nature’s beauty.

Eravikulam National Park: A Sanctuary for Nature’s Wonders

Nestled within the boundaries of Idukki hill station lies Eravikulam National Park, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. One of its most notable inhabitants is the endangered Nilgiri Tahr, a species found exclusively in the Western Ghats region. As you venture into this biodiverse sanctuary, keep your eyes peeled for these majestic creatures gracefully traversing through their natural habitat.

Apart from being home to rare fauna, Eravikulam National Park boasts an incredible variety of flora species that will leave you awe-struck. Among them are the vibrant Neelakurinji flowers which bloom once every 12 years, transforming vast stretches of hillsides into a stunning purple carpet. Witnessing this phenomenon is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will etch itself into your memory forever.

Anamudi Peak: Conquer the Heights of South India

If you seek an exhilarating adventure amidst the picturesque landscapes of Idukki, look no further than Anamudi Peak. Standing tall as the highest peak in South India, this majestic mountain offers a thrilling trekking experience for outdoor enthusiasts. As you embark on your ascent to the summit, be prepared to encounter breathtaking vistas at every turn.

Thekkady: Wonders and Wildlife of Thekkady Hill Station

Periyar National Park: A Haven for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Welcome to the enchanting world of Thekkady, where nature’s wonders and wildlife converge. One of the highlights of this picturesque hill station is the renowned Periyar National Park, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Spread across a vast expanse, this wildlife sanctuary is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna.

As you step into the lush greenery of Periyar National Park, be prepared to be captivated by its rich biodiversity. From towering trees to vibrant flowers, every corner of this sanctuary teems with life. The park is particularly famous for its magnificent elephants, majestic tigers, and an array of bird species that call it home.

Embark on an Adventurous Boat Safari

One of the best ways to explore the wonders of Periyar National Park is through a thrilling boat safari on Periyar Lake. As you glide along the serene waters, keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. Spotting elephants gracefully bathing in the lake or catching sight of a rare species soaring through the sky will undoubtedly leave you in awe.

The boat safari also offers an opportunity for bird watching enthusiasts to indulge in their passion. With over 265 species recorded within the park’s boundaries, including some endangered ones, it truly is a paradise for avian admirers. Imagine witnessing colorful kingfishers darting across the water or listening to melodious calls echoing through the trees as you navigate through this captivating landscape.

Unveiling the Aromatic World: Spice Plantations in Thekkady

Beyond its wildlife sanctuaries lies another facet that adds charm to Thekkady – its spice plantations. Embark on guided tours that take you deep into these aromatic havens and unravel the secrets behind India’s spice trade. Thekkady is known for its vast plantations of cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, and other spices that have tantalized taste buds for centuries.

As you walk through the lush green fields, inhaling the heady scents of these exotic spices, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for their role in culinary delights. Engage with knowledgeable guides who will regale you with stories about the cultivation and harvesting processes.

Silent Valley: Serenity and Natural Splendor

A Pristine Wilderness

Nestled amidst the lush green landscapes of Kerala, Silent Valley is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil environment and breathtaking views. This beautiful place, also known as Silent Valley National Park, is renowned for its scenic beauty and untouched rainforests. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it boasts an incredible range of flora and fauna, making it a paradise for nature lovers.

Untouched Rainforests and Rare Animal Species

One of the main attractions of Silent Valley National Park is its untouched rainforests that have remained undisturbed for centuries. These green havens are home to an astonishing variety of plant species, many of which are endemic to this region. As you explore the trails within the park, you’ll come across stunning landscapes with towering trees forming a canopy above you.

The wildlife sanctuary within Silent Valley is teeming with diverse animal species. Among them are the iconic lion-tailed macaques swinging from tree to tree with grace and agility. Their distinctive appearance and playful antics never fail to captivate visitors. Another highlight is the Malabar giant squirrel, a majestic creature with its vibrant coat adding splashes of color to the surroundings.

Immerse Yourself in Nature’s Tranquility

For nature enthusiasts seeking solace away from the chaos of city life, Silent Valley provides an ideal escape. The trekking trails offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature while traversing through valleys adorned with picturesque landscapes. The fresh mountain air fills your lungs as you soak in the natural beauty surrounding you.

As you follow these trails deeper into the national park, be prepared to encounter beautiful waterfalls cascading down rocky cliffs. The sight and sound of water gushing through these dazzling waterfalls create a mesmerizing experience that leaves visitors spellbound.

Preserving Nature’s Treasures

Silent Valley National Park plays a crucial role in preserving the rich biodiversity of this region. The park’s conservation efforts aim to protect endangered species and their habitats, ensuring their survival for future generations. By visiting Silent Valley, you contribute to these conservation initiatives and help raise awareness about the importance of protecting our natural heritage.

A Journey into Paradise

Silent Valley is not just a destination; it’s an experience that transports you to a world untouched by human interference.

Athirappilly: Charm and Must-See Places

Majestic Cascades at Athirappilly Waterfalls

Imagine standing in the midst of lush greenery, feeling the mist on your face as you witness the sheer power and beauty of cascading water. Welcome to Athirappilly Waterfalls, often referred to as the “Niagara Falls of India.” These majestic falls are a sight to behold, attracting tourists from all over the world. The thundering sound of water hitting rocks creates an awe-inspiring symphony that resonates deep within your soul.

As you approach Athirappilly Waterfalls, you can feel the anticipation building up. The view that awaits you is nothing short of breathtaking. With a height of approximately 80 feet and a width spanning nearly 330 feet, these falls command attention and leave visitors mesmerized by their grandeur. The surrounding dense forests add to the allure, creating a picturesque setting that feels straight out of a fairy tale.

Discover Vazhachal Waterfalls

If one waterfall wasn’t enough to satiate your thirst for natural wonders, fear not! Located close to Athirappilly Falls is another gem waiting to be explored – Vazhachal Waterfalls. This enchanting cascade offers yet another breathtaking sight for nature lovers. As you stand before Vazhachal Falls, you’ll be captivated by its ethereal beauty.

Vazhachal Waterfalls boasts a unique charm with its multiple streams gushing down rocky cliffs amidst verdant foliage. The vibrant colors and sounds of nature surround you as you take in this magnificent spectacle. It’s no wonder that Vazhachal Falls has become a favorite spot for photographers looking to capture nature’s raw beauty.

Additional Attractions near Athirappilly

While Athirappilly and Vazhachal Falls steal the spotlight, there are other attractions near Athirappilly that shouldn’t be missed. Thumboormuzhi Dam, located just a short distance away, offers a serene escape from the bustling waterfalls. The dam provides a picturesque backdrop against the flowing river and lush greenery. Take a leisurely stroll along the dam’s promenade, breathe in the fresh air, and soak in the tranquility of this idyllic spot.

For those with an affinity for butterflies, Thumboormuzhi Butterfly Garden is a must-visit destination.

Ponmudi: A Tranquil Retreat at Ponmudi Hill Station

Golden Valley viewpoint: A mesmerizing vista of mist-covered hills and meandering streams

If you’re seeking breathtaking views that will leave you spellbound, the Golden Valley viewpoint in Ponmudi is an absolute must-visit. As you reach this scenic spot, prepare to be captivated by the stunning panorama of mist-covered hills and the gentle flow of meandering streams. The beauty of nature unfolds before your eyes, creating a tranquil atmosphere that soothes the soul.

The Golden Valley viewpoint provides a vantage point like no other. As you stand there, surrounded by lush greenery, it feels as if time stands still. The mist adds an ethereal touch to the landscape, enhancing its allure. Be sure to bring your camera along because this is one view you’ll want to capture and cherish forever.

Apart from its natural beauty, the Golden Valley viewpoint also offers opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. You can embark on invigorating treks through the surrounding hills or indulge in birdwatching as various avian species flit about in their natural habitat. It’s a chance to reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in its wonders.

Agasthyarkoodam Peak: Conquer the challenge amidst rich biodiversity

For those seeking an adrenaline rush and a chance to conquer new heights, Agasthyarkoodam Peak beckons with its challenging trails and rich biodiversity. This majestic peak stands tall at an elevation of 1,868 meters (6,129 feet) above sea level and attracts trekkers from far and wide.

Embarking on a trek up Agasthyarkoodam Peak is not for the faint-hearted. The journey tests your physical endurance and mental resilience as you navigate through dense forests, rocky terrains, and steep inclines. However, every step taken is rewarded with awe-inspiring vistas that make it all worthwhile.

One of the highlights of this trek is the opportunity to witness the diverse flora and fauna that call Agasthyarkoodam home. The peak is nestled within the Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve, known for its rich biodiversity. As you make your way up, keep an eye out for rare species of orchids, medicinal plants, and endemic wildlife. It’s a chance to be one with nature and appreciate its incredible creations.

Malakkappara: Unveiling the Beauty of Malakkappara Hill Station

Tea Gardens & Estates: A Scenic Delight for the Senses

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Malakkappara, you will find sprawling tea gardens and estates that offer a feast for the eyes. As you wander through the lush greenery, you’ll be captivated by the panoramic views and serenity that surrounds you. The vibrant hues of tea plantations create a mesmerizing tapestry against the backdrop of rolling hills.

But it’s not just about admiring the beauty from afar. In Malakkappara, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of tea tasting experiences. Step into one of the charming tea estates and witness firsthand how tea leaves are plucked, processed, and transformed into your favorite cuppa. Engage with knowledgeable locals who will guide you through each step, sharing their expertise on different varieties and brewing techniques.

Sip on freshly brewed teas as you soak in the tranquil ambiance of these enchanting gardens. Let your taste buds dance with delight as they savor the flavors unique to this region. From delicate floral notes to robust earthy tones, each sip tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every cup.

Sholayar Dam: Nature’s Canvas Painted Magnificently

As you explore Malakkappara Hill Station, one sight that leaves an indelible impression is Sholayar Dam. Standing tall against a backdrop of verdant hills, this majestic structure is more than just a reservoir; it’s a masterpiece created by nature itself.

The dam offers a breathtaking view that stretches as far as your eyes can see. The calm waters reflect the azure sky above, creating a mirror-like effect that adds to its allure. Take a leisurely stroll along its banks or find solace sitting under shady trees nearby while enjoying a picnic with loved ones.

The surrounding landscape is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Embark on a trekking adventure through the lush forests that envelop the dam, and you’ll be rewarded with glimpses of exotic flora and fauna. Keep your camera ready to capture the vibrant birdlife that calls this place home. The symphony of chirping birds and rustling leaves will transport you to a world untouched by urban chaos.

Peermade: Peaceful Getaway amidst Tea Plantations

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: A Haven for Wildlife Enthusiasts

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, then a visit to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Peermade is an absolute must. This sanctuary is nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. As you explore this enchanting sanctuary, keep your eyes peeled for majestic elephants, elusive tigers, graceful leopards, and other fascinating wildlife species that call this place their home.

The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. You can embark on thrilling jungle safaris or opt for guided nature walks to get up close and personal with the rich biodiversity of this region. Imagine the excitement of spotting an elephant family strolling through the dense foliage or catching a glimpse of a stealthy leopard gracefully making its way through the trees.

Peeru Hills: Breathtaking Views and Tranquility

For those seeking breathtaking views and tranquility, Peeru Hills is an ideal destination within Peermade. As you ascend to these hills, prepare yourself for awe-inspiring vistas of rolling hills carpeted with verdant tea plantations as far as the eye can see. The picturesque landscape will leave you mesmerized and provide ample opportunities for capturing postcard-worthy photographs.

Peeru Hills also offers various activities to make your visit even more memorable. Embark on a leisurely trek through the tea estates, immersing yourself in nature’s beauty while breathing in the refreshing aroma of tea leaves. If you’re feeling adventurous, try bamboo rafting along one of the serene rivers flowing through this region. The tranquil surroundings coupled with adrenaline-pumping activities create an unforgettable experience that caters to all types of travelers.

Kurisumala Ashram: Spiritual Serenity and Meditation Retreats

Nestled amidst the serene hills of Peermade, Kurisumala Ashram beckons spiritual seekers with its tranquil ambiance and meditation retreats. This ashram, founded by Christian monks, offers a serene environment for individuals seeking solace and inner peace. The lush green surroundings, coupled with the soothing chants and prayers, create an atmosphere conducive to introspection and spiritual growth.

Visitors can participate in meditation sessions guided by experienced practitioners or simply find a quiet spot to reflect and rejuvenate their souls.

Embracing the Enchanting Kerala Hill Stations

Congratulations! You’ve explored some of the most captivating hill stations in Kerala. From the serene beauty of Idukki to the wildlife wonders of Thekkady, you’ve experienced a taste of what these destinations have to offer. But don’t stop here! There’s still so much more to discover in Kerala’s hill stations.

To continue your adventure, why not plan a visit to Munnar? Famous for its tea plantations and misty landscapes, Munnar is a paradise for nature lovers. Or perhaps you’d like to explore Wayanad, known for its lush greenery and scenic trails. Whatever your choice may be, Kerala’s hill stations will never cease to amaze you.

So pack your bags, put on your hiking boots, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the enchanting hills of Kerala!


What is the best time to visit Kerala hill stations?

The best time to visit Kerala hill stations is during the winter months from October to February when the weather is pleasant and cool. It is also recommended to avoid the monsoon season (June-September) as heavy rainfall can disrupt travel plans.

Are there any adventure activities available in Kerala hill stations?

Yes, there are plenty of adventure activities available in Kerala hill stations. You can indulge in trekking, camping, wildlife safaris, boating, and even paragliding in certain locations. Adventure enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to get their adrenaline pumping amidst the stunning natural surroundings.

Are there accommodations available in these hill stations?

Yes, all these hill stations offer a range of accommodation options catering to different budgets and preferences. You can find luxury resorts, cozy homestays, guesthouses, and even government-run tourist lodges. It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance during peak tourist seasons.

Can I hire a local guide for exploring these hill stations?

Yes, hiring a local guide is highly recommended to make the most of your visit. They can provide valuable insights, take you off the beaten path, and ensure your safety during treks and wildlife encounters. Local guides are well-versed in the history, culture, and hidden gems of these hill stations.

How do I reach these hill stations?

Most of these hill stations are well-connected by road and can be reached by hiring a taxi or taking public transportation. The nearest airports or railway stations will vary depending on the specific location. It is advisable to check for transport options and plan your itinerary accordingly.